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As more and more anglers refine their game fishing, fishing gear has advanced to a completely new level.
ECOGEARAQUA present a new vision for fishing.
Take for example the light rig…. The angler is free to choose exactly what they want to use, rod, reel, line setting, jig head weight, hook size, etc is all up to the individual. If you use a heavy jig head and drop your bait to the bottom, you are not making the most of ECOGEARAQUA’s potential. ECOGEARAQUA has all the advantages of a lure, such as visual appeal and attraction. Not only will it increase the chances of catching fish for a beginner, it can also get that kicker fish for expert anglers when everything seems to be going against them.
ECOGEARAQUA is set to change lure fishing from the ground up.


In the Field







When casting, make sure the area is safe and presents no danger.
Not to be used for any purpose other than fishing.
Not for human consumption.
lKeep out of the reach of children
The preservation liquid may gradually change colour overtime or sediment may settle on the bottom, however this does not affect the quality of the product.
Due to the nature of water-soluble polymers, the lure may be slightly firm at first but after a period of time, it will become stable. It has no effect on fishing results.
Store soft plastic lures away from direct sunlight, and out of areas of high temperature.
lTo avoid drying out, store the lures in the preservation liquid.
After opening, store the lures in an airtight container and use them as soon as possible.
To prevent decay, do not mix used and new lures together, or allow rain water to mix together.
The preservation liquid may be hard to wash off clothes. Wipe with a wet towel, and wash with detergent as soon as possible.

Lure x Bait Hybrid

ECOGEARAQUA comes from the concept of Lure x Bait Hybrid

It combines the action, form and colour of lure fishing with the attraction of bait.

Marukyu focused on 3 main concepts when designing the revolutionary new ECOGEARAQUA material.

1,Extraordinary Attraction
2,Environmentally Friendly Biodegradability
3,Angler Safety

Amazing Attraction

Experienced Marukyu researchers have combined their knowledge of game fish to produce the ultimate combination of Amino Acids, and have managed to incorporate this into the actual ECOGEARAQUA material. By adjusting the amino acid blends for different target fish, they have created a material that attracts faster than ever before. Attracting and enticing fish over a wide area its releases large amounts of attractants right at the moment of hooking to give amazingly strong bites.

Over many field tests the material has exceeded even the testers’ expectations, and changed everybody’s concept of soft baits. Once an angler experiences the bites from ECOGEARAQUA, they can’t put it down!

Environmentally Friendly Biodegradability

ECOGEARAQUA is made from a water based polymer that is 100% biodegradable. Even the glitter used inside the lure is 100% natural and has a low impact on the environment.

Biodegradability test in lake. The lure has decreased by 50% in weight over 18 months.


18 months

Currently Marukyu is involved in research with the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology further investigating biodegradability.

Compared with the image of the lures at the start, after 9 months there are large splits in the lure, and you can see that biodegradation is occurring.

Image from an Electron Scanning Microscope. Data provided by Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology.

Angler Safety

ECOGEARAQUA is made from a water based polymer and other highly safe materials.
We use only non harmful preservatives in our lures and also liquids, which are harmless to fish and anglers alike. We do not use any harmful preservatives such as formalin. We only use colourings that are certified for use in beauty products.